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“30 Ways To Happy” by Caitlin Roberson

I am a voracious reader. Miss Val’s Reads will be a regular feature on this site where I update you on latest books I’m consuming.

30 Ways to Happy - book30 Ways To Happy: When trying to be perfect stops being fun
by Caitlin Roberson

I recently met author Caitlin Roberson at a UCLA event we both spoke at in San Francisco. Her presentation was about how she went about de-programming herself from being miserable in a stereotypical Type A personality to empowering herself to Happiness.

I was captivated by her story and couldn’t wait to read her book. It is a short, simple, thought-provoking, and often hilarious read. In it she offers 30 brief personal vignettes about her journey to Happiness. Caitlin exposes her vulnerabilities, mistakes and foibles, and offers uncomplicated suggestions to go from the shackled feeling of being a perfectionist to freeing the happy and inspired person within.

I devoured this book in one afternoon. I caught myself sighing and chuckling out loud at the 30 relatable stories she shares. If you read this, let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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