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Bobby Field’s Barbecue Pizza

Bobby Field’s Barbecue Pizza

A happy marriage requires a bit of compromise. In my marriage that means consuming a bit of barbecue to indulge my Southern husband, Bobby. This week I’m sharing his recipe, the Bobby Field Barbecue pizza. And while barbecue is not my favorite, I actually enjoy my husband’s version of this cowboy pizza. It’s Super easy to make and it has a 100% guest approval rating.


BoboliThin crust
Chicken – Cut into half inch cubes. This is a great use for leftover chicken.
Smoked Gouda CheeseGrated
Red OnionChopped
Red Bell Pepper – Cut into large pieces… cutting them into small pieces makes the pizza watery.
Bull’s-Eye Original Barbecue Sauce – This is Bobby’s brand of choice, but feel free to choose your favorite brand instead.
Garlic Salt and Pepper


Coat pan in olive oil.

Add a small slab of butter.

Brown chicken.

Add garlic salt and pepper to the pan.

Once chicken is cooked set aside.

Add thin layer barbecue sauce to the pizza crust.

Spread cheese, chicken, red bell pepper and red onion over sauce.

Cook at 425 degrees until cheese is melted. Be sure to check underside of crust as so not to burn.

Slice and enjoy!

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7 years ago

That sounds so good! I’ll probably substitute BBQ sauce for pizza or alfredo sauce. (Don’t tell your husband but I really don’t like BBQ sauce) and of course I’ll add my dehydrated greens!