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Ceviche – Fool Proof Recipe

Ceviche – Fool Proof Recipe

I got this recipe from my awesome friend Sue Berlin and it’s always the hit of the party. (Yes, she’s also Ariana’s mother). This recipe turns out amazing 100% of the time if you use enough lemon juice. You can use as much of the ingredients as you’d like, just make sure you’ve got plenty of lemon.


12 oz. Lemon Juice   – Or enough to almost fully cover ceviche

2 lbs. Baby Shrimp – Cooked, can also be large and cut into smaller sizes

1 Red Onion – Finely chopped

1 Bunch Cilantro – Finely chopped

3 Tomatoes – Medium size cluster tomatoes

2 Jalepenos or Serrano Peppers – Cut in half and take seeds out (or leave them in if you like it HOT)

Salt and Pepper – To taste


Toss all ingredients together.

When ready to serve cut chunks of avocado to add to mix. Serve with Pita or tortilla chips.

Hint: Picking, cleaning and chopping the cilantro leaves is the tedious part of this recipe. My suggestion: enlist the help of a partner or friend who adores you and will happily help out. Sue and I always coerced Ariana to prepare the cilantro until she revolted and bartered her way into chopping the other ingredients.

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