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Pursuing… Great. Big. Dreams.

Pursuing… Great. Big. Dreams.

Okay new game: Think of the one thing you would love to be GREAT at that you actually have a wee bit of talent in. Now… imagine the Universe tells you that if you put in the effort starting today, you will be the best in the world at that thing.

What would you do differently today if you knew, without question, that you would be the Best In The World at whatever it is you are pursuing?

For me, I would like to be the Best In The World at writing, directing, choreographing and producing the next big Broadway smash hit. Basically, I want to be the next Lin-Manuel Miranda.

I know it’s lofty, but I get to see potential and opportunities blossom every day through our student-athletes who have an insatiable zest for life. They are constantly evolving, trying to give more, and trying to be more in and outside of the gym. Τhey inspire me to keep learning, pursuing, and to never stop dreaming my most audacious dreams.

In fact, I’ll share something I’m not exactly proud of. I’ve seen Hamilton three times and every time I have the same reaction: I just sit and shake my head trying to comprehend how one person could write such a truly genius libretto. And as I’m digesting the genius that is the Hamilton production, I actually get frustrated and pissy… I wish I had that level of brilliance in that area.

I was hit with a double dose of this recently when I saw Bruno Mars on a Saturday and Hamilton on Sunday (I’m so fortunate to live in a city where I can see back to back Best In The World shows). How does someone get to that level of giftedness?

To answer that I know I need to reframe my approach with a more proactive question: What would I do today if I knew that eventually I would achieve my goal and become the best in the world?

First, I would stop telling myself I can’t do it. I would not let my personal bias that I am neither a storyteller nor a writer stop me from moving forward with this amazing theatre production idea I have; I would just start writing and become a writer.

I’ve been in stall mode for a few years now over this because every time I pitch my idea the person I’m pitching says, “Wow this is a great idea, but it needs a storyline to take it to the next level.”

Ok, I guess a crappy story beneath a good idea is better than a terrible idea and no storyline. Maybe if I tell the interested party that I’m open to change it, and then inquire about how to beef up the storyline it will be enough to get my foot through the door. Maybe I just need to break down the process a bit more like I do in coaching. Maybe I need to see Hamilton a few more times with a more analytical purpose to try and dissect Miranda’s skill of implementing story with head-shaking originality. Maybe I need to analyze what others are doing to understand what separates good from great. I think to be the best I should better comprehend what that means.

So, I’m off to do more research—nobody said striving to be the best can’t be a blast. I’m going to tap into the electrifying environment around me and hunt down that elusive storyline that will bring my brilliant idea to life. I’m going to take one step each day and be grateful that I have the opportunity to pursue even my wildest dreams.


What do you aspire to be the best in the world at; and what are you going to do tomorrow to move toward that goal?

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6 years ago

Wow. This blog just gave me the calmness I needed. I’ll admit I am normally a blog reader in the closet and rarely comment (probably due to being busy, horrible excuse). But I’ve had quite a bit of anxiousness over the last year due to the crazy work life in Hong Kong and still adjusting to the hustle even though I have been here for 3 years. I last commented on this blog when you wrote about being “in the desert”. I commented saying “I’m in that desert”. And I can excitedly say, I am getting out of that desert.… Read more »