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Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal

The BAM Show

One reason it is unnerving to be interviewed is because you only get one take… Like Life.

As I share this interview that I did with Josh Smith, host of the B.A.M. show, I realize why so many of us don’t like to “put ourselves out there.”

  • When answering questions on the spot, it’s hugely important to choose words intentionally so as not to be misunderstood. I cringed at parts of this interview because one thing I’m extremely conscious of is to not use the word “I” or “My” in reference to our student-athletes, coaching staff or team. In discussing the brand of UCLA Gymnastics, I said “My” a lot in this interview. I was trying to make the point that the “brand” of the head coach is the tenor the team will embody. I especially cringed when I said “It’s my team.” That statement without context is horrible. In fact, I often say that I am merely a “Steward” to UCLA. (Sometimes I really annoy myself.)
  • In most interviews there isn’t the luxury of a lot of time. In answering questions I find it difficult to fully express my beliefs so as not to leave my answers open to speculation. Case in point, as to why Balance Beam is the “Master” of all the events; my full response is that each of the four events requires a different internal energy and that a great gymnast is able to adjust their internal metronome and energy for each event. Both times I’ve watched this interview it’s been like watching the end of Romeo and Juliet, desperately hoping the ending is different.

I could go on and on about everything that I’d like to re-do with this interview. The point of me sharing my thoughts about it is that Life absolutely isn’t a dress rehearsal. We usually only get one shot, one take, one opportunity… be ready, be mindful, be true to your intention and at the end… “drop the mic” and move on. No Regrets! Thanks for the interview Josh. I look forward to discussing “Choreograph Your Life” with you when it’s published.

To all of you who chime in and share your own transparencies: THANK YOU. So, when was the last time you questioned a response to something knowing you had set yourself up to be misunderstood? Please do share…

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7 years ago

I was adopted by a wonderful family. My biological mom (along with her 5 other kids & mother) came back into my life when I was about 14. There were so many awkward situations with her & her mom wanting me to call them mom and grandma. And them insisting on calling me by the name I was born with. I was always respectful when trying to let them know that I was not comfortable with being called that name or calling them mom and grandmother. This usually led to hurt feelings and her daughters calling on her behalf. It… Read more »

A Renee
A Renee
7 years ago

I’ve been sitting here, staring into the metaphorical abyss, for the past few minutes trying to come up with a response that would be received by the general population in the manner in which it was intended. The idea, I think, that we might somehow be able to express ourselves and have others understand exactly what we meant is somewhat unreasonable. As we are raised (at least, as I was raised– a child of the 80s and 90s) we are taught to be mindful of the opinions of others. We grow up recognizing that there is a certain je ne… Read more »